We’ve all been there (presumptive, I know), riding along, legs whirring round all showy souplesse or (more likely) painfully pedaling squares, and with a head full of chatter:

It’s a tailwind. I’m not as fit as I thought. It’s just the wind. Wait til I turn back. I’ll be struggling. Why do I always get a headwind; why is it never a tailwind? Bloody wind. I’d be flying without the wind. What’s that strange noise? That clicking. Sounds like termites. Termites, in carbon fibre? I should have cleaned my bike. I should clean my bike more often. Why am I so lazy? My legs hurt. So few miles covered and already my legs hurt. I should be fitter. I should train more. Why don’t I train more? Why am I so lazy? Continue reading “Mindful Cycling & The Power of Now”