Freelance Copywriter Based in Edinburgh

As a freelance copywriter I’ve worked on a ton of projects, from newspaper editorial, to web pages and wedding speeches.

I also have a Digital Marketing qualification from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, so can take care of your SEO requirements, including your keyword research, if required.

Amongst other things, I can furnish you with words for:

  • Website copy
  • Editorial
  • Brochures or Guides
  • Social media content & blogs
  • Press releases
  • Speeches
  • Letters to Santa

Below are some examples of my writing. If you like what you read and want to discuss a project (high quality work supplied at great rates) then email me or use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

  • I’m an occasional ‘Spa Spy’ for the Scotsman newspaper’s Saturday magazine. If only it was a full-time job (click the quote to read the full sample):

There was a further laying on of hands before the steaming device gently puffed its way across my face.

  • Writing for newspapers isn’t all cushy spa reviews. Sometimes I write travel features too (click the quote to read the full sample):

We strolled along the waterfront for a visit to the Aquarium and spent an afternoon with the 11,000 sharks, stingrays and multitudinous other colourful creatures from the deep.

  • I love working with words and like to write about anything, even the ‘exciting’ world of I.T. (click the quote to read the full sample):

SharePoint Server is an always-on collaboration software from Microsoft that allows for the storage, sharing and management of digital information.

  • Serious topics, such as debt management, require serious words backed by in-depth research (click the quote to read the full sample):

Three quarters of your creditors ─ in terms of your total debt ─ will need to accept the Trust Deed for it to become protected.

  • I’ve worked for small local companies, and big brands like eBay for whom I wrote a series of buyer’s guides (click the quote to read the full sample):

Look closely at the photographs on the item’s listing and check the condition of the paintwork. Check for any marks, lumps, cracks, bubbles or chips.

  • Kind of similar to an online auction, I once wrote a selection of content for a dating website (click the quote to read the full sample):

It’s entertaining and romantic, it’s sexy, it’s dark sunglasses, Gitanes cigarettes and so damned French that it’s bound to leave you and your date breathless.

  • The dating site must have been a success because I was later asked to write a variety of wedding speeches (click the quote to read the full sample):

A wedding day can be daunting but to me it’s also exciting to think that this is the first day of our married life together. Today is not an end, it’s a new beginning.

  • I’ve also got experience of publishing, and selling, ebooks and paperbacks through Amazon. My travelogue The Breakaway – Cycling the Mountains of the Tour de France was a best-seller in its category:

Pain built upon pain, heaped itself on top of further pain until soon, much too soon, we were scrambling around in a world of it. The climb had somehow sensed our recent underestimation of its challenge, not only wanted to set us straight but also to exact a cruel revenge along the way.