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The Day The Grown Man Cried

I’ve long been particularly susceptible to cold hands. Even a short ride to work on a not particularly cold day can leave me in a decent amount of discomfort. Last weekend’s ride was a new (temperature) low for my poor icy paws, and it sent me in search of a solution.

The last couple of winters I’ve been riding with Sealskin’s Extra Cold Winter Gloves (see my review here). With these and a liner glove I’ve been just about okay on most days.

Andy Hampsten recreating my ride



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Review – Sealskinz Extra Cold Winter Cycle Glove

The weather for bike riding has been resolutely manky of late — no great surprises: it’s Scotland, in winter.

My cycling revelation has come in the form of comfortably warm hands. Continue reading “Review – Sealskinz Extra Cold Winter Cycle Glove”

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