It may just be the writer in me (or that I am full of awesome ideas) but I really think more emphasis should be placed on the titling of Strava rides.

When you save an activity, Strava allows you to change the post’s title. Morning Ride, Afternoon Ride, Evening Ride (and, I’m assuming, Middle of the Night Ride, for the shift-workers) are perfectly perfunctory but they don’t tell the poster or their Strava followers anything of use.

A Strava title should be a nano-synopsis of your ride, a distillation of its essence. It should sum up the experience or at at least give a little insight into what took place over those, however many, miles.

And it’s not just about entertaining your followers; think of it as a form of mindful cycling. Every bike ride has, or should have, it’s own story. No two rides are ever the same, from the weather to the way your legs feel. Your Morning Ride might only have been 10 miles long but there must have been something about it you could share, from bravely battling the cold northerly wind, to overtaking the number 27 bus and getting a smile from a girl on board (I can dream, right?).

The more you consider your rides, the more you will get out of them. If you constantly use default titles then you’ll constantly have default rides.

Here are a few examples to inspire (or otherwise):

The Long Dark Bike Ride of the Soul
Gloves in a Cold Climate
Gone With the Cross Wind
One Hundred Kilometres of Solitude

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