I see bicycles everywhere I go, even Venice, where there aren’t any. I’m just back from a short break to that most amazing city, during which my better-cultured half dragged me to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. Peggy Guggenheim was an American heiress who liked nothing more than to lounge around with her Lhasa Apsos, surrounded by exclusive/expensive modern art. Peg popped her clogs in 1979 and the Guggenheim Foundation opened her palazzo to the public.

I’m not averse to modern art, just don’t know much about it. My eye gets drawn to the things I like, visually – I’m simple like that (and in many other ways). As a result of this simplicity my favourites of Peggy’s pieces were the Jackson Pollocks (which, to me, are mentally soundtracked by The Stone Roses – cheers John Squire), and these two below.

My main interest was the subject matter but I did appreciate the art, honest. Anyway, I’m not about to offer a critique, just thought I’d put them out there so you could join in the appreciation.

Thanks, Peggy.

Il Ciclista by Mario Strovai
Au Velodrome by Jean Metzinger