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Review: We Rode All Day by Gareth Cartman

We Rode All Day is a fictionalised account of the 1919 Tour de France, told from the riders’ perspective.

We Rode All Day is a work of fiction based on the historical fact of the 1919 Tour de France. Gareth Cartman has used historical archives, and sometimes artistic license, to conjure a ‘voice’ for each of the featured riders and then set their stories around the events of that year’s race.

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The Breakaway Reviewed

I’m not one to blow my own trumpet (tuba, trombone or cornet) so I’ll let the rather excellent blog do it for me. Here’s an extract from their recent review of The Breakaway:

Rae-Hansen seamlessly manages to combine a real knowledge of the climbs, the facts and figures, their place in history, both in and away from the Tour, whilst tackling some difficult, altogether more serious issues like the passing of his Father and the frailty of emotion that comes with such a huge undertaking. The trivia that Rae-Hansen plucks from an obvious deep understanding of cycling, the legend and terrain of the Tour de France is wonderfully dispersed amongst the wider narrative, providing plenty for the pure cycling enthusiast, whilst the book could just as easily reach out to a non-cycling audience as a story of (mis)adventure, longing, relationships and loss.

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